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Hard to Pronounce, Harder to Forget

Ucluelet sits on a narrow inlet on Vancouver Island's jagged and storm-wracked west coast. The sheltered harbour has for millennia been an oasis of calm for the Nuu-Chah-Nuulth people, and so the word 'Ucluelet' in their language means 'People of the safe harbour.' Since the 1870s European and Japanese settlers have been drawn to the great abundance of fish and trees that surround it and a small, hardy community has developed. As those industries have wound down, it is the region's spectacular beauty itself that now draws people here from all over the world.

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Then and Now Photos

Emily Carr's Sketch Emily Carr's Sketch

BC Archives PDP00627 & On This Spot Enterprises

Emily Carr's Sketch - 1898

A sketch of the Nuu-Chah-Nuulth village across the inlet from Ucluelet made by Emily Carr during her visit here.

The Princess Norah The Princess Norah

Ucluelet Archives 990-59 & On This Spot Enterprises

The Princess Norah - 1930s

The Princess Norah, which serviced Ucluelet from the 1920s to the 1950s, is turning around in Ucluelet harbour.

The Uchuck The Uchuck

Ucluelet Archives & On This Spot Enterprises

The Uchuck - 1950s

The cargo ship Uchuck docked at the Government Wharf.

Towards the Lyches Towards the Lyches

Ucluelet Archives a-1551-141 & On This Spot Enterprises

Towards the Lyches - 1900s

A view across a tidal area towards the distinctive white Lyche house. The area has since been filled in to make room for the Ucluelet Harbour Seafoods terminal. You can learn about the Lyches in the People of the Safe Harbour tour.

Maquinna at Dock Maquinna at Dock

Ucluelet Archives 008 1 & On This Spot Enterprises

Maquinna at Dock - 1920s

The SS Princess Maquinna moored at Ucluelet's Government Dock.

Maquinna and Lyche Island Maquinna and Lyche Island

Ucluelet Archives 010 220 & On This Spot Enterprises

Maquinna and Lyche Island - 1910s

The SS Princess Maquinna can be seen here through the stumps and shrubs moored at the Government Dock. Behind it is Lyche Island.

Passing Port Albion Passing Port Albion

Ucluelet Archives & On This Spot Enterprises

Passing Port Albion - 1910s

A little boat emits a plume of smoke as it chugs past Port Albion and Lyche Island.

Mount Ozzard Mount Ozzard

Ucluelet Archives 990-82 & On This Spot Enterprises

Mount Ozzard - 1900s

Looking past the Tugwell house towards Mount Ozzard in the distance.

Winter on Main Street Winter on Main Street

Ucluelet Archives & On This Spot Enterprises

Winter on Main Street - 1940s

People standing on Main Street by their cars during wintertime.

The General Store The General Store

Ucluelet Archives & On This Spot Enterprises

The General Store - 1930s

A snow-covered general store.